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Partner with TC Group, LLC.West and Central Florida Opportunities

Southwest Florida Commercial Real Estate InvestmentsWe spend countless hours identifying and analyzing opportunities with the goal of providing safe and solid returns for our Investors and Partners.

Typically we have a flow of potentially lucrative market possibilities for which we take in Investors and Partners who would like to participate in the Florida Real Estate market, but may lack the time or background to be involved in the day to day activities required to make the venture successful.

Why partner with us?
  • Partner’s investments are secured by the real estate asset.
  • Partners get a preferred return.
  • Having been in business for 25+ years in the South West Florida market, we have invaluable industry resources and contacts.
  • Our diverse background in both real estate and construction allows us to find value in places your typical investor doesn’t have the ability to. From brokerage and investments to custom spec and commercial development and everything in between, we’ve done it.
  • We have the experience and ability to identify and correct easy as well as complicated issues allowing us to take advantage of undervalued assets and market anomalies.

We find the deals that others can’t because we have the knowledge and experience to take on most any size and scope project. If you’re interested in finding out more contact us today.

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